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I met a couple of interesting people at a casual meet-up and the topic of the day was a good life.  Sean said that we have already won the cosmic lottery simply by being born because the odds of that happening alone is one in a gazillion times. On top of that, to be born in a first-world country, the odds are even smaller. That got me thinking, being the statistical person that I am, I started to look into “What is the probability of me being born?”

Put that into Google and you’ll get a whole bunch of numbers plus some really-whacky-off-the-charts comparisons (like “the odds of being born human, rather than a chicken”). So I’ll pick something out that made sense, one by a Dr Ali Binazir ( In short, he calculated that the probability of you being born is one in 102,685,000. In other words, basically zero.

Basically zero. And I am here writing this in an armchair, my own room, surrounded by books, my earthly comforts and a lovely family. Like Sean said, not only have I won the cosmic lottery, but I have won big because I could very well have been into one of these statistics ( But I’m not. And chances are… you (the reader) are not as well.

So let us… Regardless of your race, religion or language. Regardless whether you are healthy, suffering from a congenital condition or ill. Regardless whether you’ve been wronged, feeling angry or have suicidal tendencies. Stop! Just stop for the next 10 seconds… Give thanks and be grateful that you are alive… because for whatever situation that you are in, you know that you have won the cosmic lottery and being alive, in itself, is a true miracle.

So what is a good life? From the miracle perspective, a good life is simply to be alive. Of course, some good lives are more fortunate than others. But the fact that we are living and breathing, that alone is against all odds. Once, I was moaning and groaning to a good friend of mine that I was having a bad day and all the different problems that I’m facing. He just stared at me with a pair of steely eyes and said “Do YOU think you are the only one in the world with problems?” Fine. So he was having a bad day too. But he is right, whatever problems we are facing, someone out there has it worse off than us. This may not be consolation to some, but the reality is… in comparison, our ‘problems’ maybe so small that some may not even consider them to be problems at all.

Haven’t we heard of stories of fools who won some lottery but yet end up as paupers? Fools who wasted away their good fortunes. But we, who are having a good life, are we doing the same with our lives? Are we wasting our lives away? If someone asks you “What are you doing with your life?” What would your response be?

Since we started statistics, let’s end with another set (

Beyond good… a great life can only happen when you start Living A Determined Life.